Rock For Reading
  • Creating a Nation of Readers

    Eleven years ago, we came up with a plan to provide reading material to those in need in the Chicago area. Today it is time to end the effort. We have been very successful through our run, but it has become to difficult to raise funds and deliver the books. Below are the numbers we have achieved. Thanks to all the people who helped during the eleven years!

    To date, we have received 1,160,535 books, valued at $3,478,680

    To date, we have donated 1,150,706 books to Chicago area organizations

  • Thanks again to Abdo Books!!

    Once again, Abdo Books of St. Paul, Minnesota has come through with a donation of 113,000 brand new books!!! We thank them for their generosity.
  • Book Grants

    We presently do not have any books in our warehouse. We will hopefully replenish soon.
Rock For Reading